1-346-219-7155 Mon - Fri : 1 PM to 8 PM

8th March – 10th March, 2019

Cotonou, Benin Republic

ELITE 8 (Home Game)

Defenders 69-69 AS Sale

Awesome moment for us all.

Great turnout of fans!

We drew with the defending champions. A feat, we achieved against all odds.

We play the away game on April 12th.

Game 3

Defenders 62-58 Elan Sportif

HURRAY, we did it!

With combined team effort, we came out strong against the host team.

Kudos to everyone! The battle was not easy!

Elite 8, HERE WE COME!

Game 2

ES Radès 96-80 Defenders 

Despite going all out, we lost this opportunity to qualify for the Elite 8, but got another shot against home team, Elan Sportif tomorrow.

“A shot not taken is a shot missed”

Be there to support us!

Defenders Basketball Club

Game 1

Defenders 69-57 BC Terreur

Great win today against BC Terreur. Though we started slowly, our comrades defended to the end.

Our first baptism of fire.

Keep it burning guys!


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